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Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamond Suppliers & Exporters in Sierra Leone

We are Rough Diamonds supplier in Sierra Leone. Contact us for Rough Diamond suppliers & exporters in Sierra Leone..

Are you looking for Rough Diamonds supplier in Sierra Leone? or are you looking for Rough Diamonds Exporters & Suppliers in Sierra Leone?..

Contact us today for Rough uncut Diamonds suppliers and Exporters in Sierra Leone.

Uncut Diamonds Suppliers and Exporters in Sierra Leone

If you are looking for high-quality Natural Uncut Diamonds or White Diamonds from Sierra Leone, then we are here to supply you with quality 100% rough diamonds or Rough Diamonds..

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Buying rough diamonds from africa is not easy, they made it not simple for me but at the end i had parcel.

John K - Buyer

Travel a long distance to kenema, it was fun meeting the community miners. Nice expirence and nice people.

Hu - Customer

I could not sleep for two day due to change is time. Thank you Musa..

Raju - Customer